Cursor position is different from point of text

Every time I try to write code in RStudio Cloud the cursor moves farther and farther away from what I am writing.

I did copy and paste from a pdf and I think this is why it is happening.

I am writing on a Chrome book. I have completely logged out of my Studio account, deleted my browsing data, and turned my computer on and off. I even signed up for a new account on RStudio cloud, but I still get this problem.
Nothing is working to fix this error.

Are you seeing this behavior in the Source editor alongside the Console?

We've seen similar issues in the past on RStudio with different fonts. Do you happen to be using a non-monospace font in chrome? Can you share what you have set for the Chome appearance options? (Chrome menu -> Settings -> Appearance -> Customize fonts) Non-monospace fonts are not supported by the RStudio editor as they can cause problems.

Also, can you share what options you have set for Appearance in the cloud project? Tools -> Global Options -> Appearance

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