Customise title page and rest of chapters separately

I am using index.rdm file to specify title page geometry:

title: me
author: name
subtitle: 'myname'
date: 'September 2020'
latex_engine: xelatex
pdf_document: default
word_document: default
documentclass: book
mainfont: Cambria
fontsize: 12 pt
geometry: left=4cm, right=3cm, top=2cm, bottom=2cm
linestretch: 2
pagestyle: empty
lof: True
lot: True
bibliography: References2.bib
biblio-style: apalike
toc: True
toc_depth: 3

Would like to have different geometry for the rest of the chapters - how should I specify it without index YAML overriding the settings for the whole document?

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