Customising Quarto output

Is there some way I can change the output structure of a document (in this case outputing to html)?

I would, for example like to include standard elements such as my company's name, logo, email, document revision numbers, etc?

I imagine there's a template somewhere that I might be able to edit to pick up additional fields from the YAML header, or something like that?


Yes. There are almost too many ways to customize Quarto. The gallery has some examples. YAML settings are abundant and it's possible to mix in all sorts of CSS and JavaScript.

Thanks for this.

Where can I find the template that's used by default for html output, please?

You can create a new format for Quarto using the Extension mechanism. See

Quarto has a mechanism of partials to not just replace the default template: Quarto - Article Templates

You can also replace the all Pandoc's template using the correct argument (Quarto - HTML Options). This could have side effect though if you template does not evolve with future quarto version.

Also, Paged.js support will come in a future version. This will allow to create some better template for paginated document using HTML and CSS. Useful for report and other company document. Example of what can be done with the R Markdown package today: GitHub - rstudio/pagedown: Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print

Without going to the length of creating a format, you can extend the default template using includes (Quarto - HTML Basics)

And you can also tweak the default theme: Quarto - HTML Theming

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