Customize RStudio Connect Email Error Message

My group utilizes scheduled Rmarkdown content on our RStudio Connect platform to run numerous automated reports or data processing jobs. The content is scheduled to run anywhere from every 15 minutes to once per week. Our RStudio Connect is hosted on a server behind my companies firewall so can only be accessed when connected to our internal network. For this question, the primary consequence of this setup is that I can not access it from my phone.

My question is whether or not there is a way to customize the error emails that are sent to the content manager when an Rmarkdown document fails during an scheduled runtime? Right now, the email that gets sent just contains links to the version of the report that failed so that you can review the logs on the Connect dashboard. When I am at my desk, that works perfectly, but when I am not at my computer and I get the email on my phone, I am not able to view why the report failed. It would be extremely useful for me to get the logs sent as an attachment or as plain text in the email. There are a lot of times when I will get an error email at times when I am not connected to the network and I can only guess why it failed. For some reports it isn't too important and it can wait until I get to my computer, but for some, it could be more pressing. If the log file contents were in the email (or attached to it) then I would be able to assess whether the error was a one off (database connection failed) or if there is a more systemic bug has popped up in my program that is going to cause many other future runs to fail.

Thanks for your help and a great product!