Customizing landing page and linking to apps


I have several shiny apps. I was planning to just add them to different tabs of one shiny app, but I'd like to instead take advantage of the landing page. None of these apps require a login - as such, I've selected "Anyone - No login required" under "Who can view this document".

My question: What is the best way for people to access each app from the landing page? I found the Example Landing Page in the opt folder ( Since I'm not using logins for my apps, should I just link them on the landing page?

E.g., if the address for my website is "", should I just add href="" for the first app, href="" for the second app, etc., to the html file for my landing page? (I know I will need to do a lot more formatting - just wondering if this is the best path forward).

Thank you!

Thanks so much for reaching out here! This is a fantastic question!

You are exactly right that you can use the custom landing page and add links for your applications. You can use either absolute / fully qualified links (i.e. or absolute path-based links (i.e. /app1) in your href targets.

However, we would recommend moving that example directory out of the /opt/rstudio-connect directory, lest your changes be overwritten by a future upgrade to Connect.

Further, we would advise not to sink too much time into this process, as a coming RStudio Connect release should have a better story for creating these types of landing pages!! :smile: (we are working on an improvement right now!).

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Shoot! I was pretty happy with my landing page. Will I be able to keep it with the newest release?

Thank you for the info!

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Oh yes, definitely!! The stuff I am talking about has not released yet, so no worries - also, as far as I am aware, we are not supplanting functionality / etc. So I do not think you should have any issues! We are just making it easier to implement these types of things :smile: If I hear otherwise, I will definitely let you know (and there will be many other users in your shoes as well).

I'm glad to hear you got your landing page into a place you are happy with!!


I am planning to add a custom landing login page with the existing R connect login authentication page by adding some branding stuffs to the existing one.

As mentioned in Custom Landing - RStudio Connect: Admin Guide, when we include index.html will it override the existing default login page? If so how do we retain the login section and customise the other parts of the page?

Thank you!