dark themes for ggplot2

I need dark themes package for ggplot.

i know ggthemer (theme_earth) , ggthemes and ggdark but i need to test many more with my data.
I know there are some themes out in the wild, inside non-theme packages. I want them all, if they are dark.

any help is much appreciated

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I guess you don't want to create the most comprehensive list of dark themes but aren't very happy with what you've found so far, because you already have an idea how it should look like? Or know what you don't like with the other dark-themes.
Why don't you dig deeper into the theme settings and define your own theme, starting by modifying one that is close?

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the real story behind my question is that I saw a gorgeous dark theme from a package in a web site but I could not find it again....

and I have no time (and enough design skills) to make my own

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