Data of the levels that were collapsed into step_other

I'm trying to use the recipe package for database management and would like to know if there is any way to get levels that have been collapsed into step_other.



ames %>% 
  summarise(lvl_neighb = n_distinct(Neighborhood),
            lvl_exterior = n_distinct(Exterior_1st)) 

rec_ames <- 
  recipe(Sale_Price ~., data = ames) %>% 
  step_other(c(Neighborhood,Exterior_1st), threshold = 0.01) %>% 

rec_ames %>% 
  juice() %>% 
  summarise(lvl_neighb= n_distinct(Neighborhood),
            lvl_exterior= n_distinct(Exterior_1st))

#levels that have been kept in the database

I would like to print a report showing the count and names of records that are currently not being used (levels that have collapsed). Has anyone ever done this?

Thank you so much!

kept_levels <- rec_ames$steps[[1]]$objects$Neighborhood$keep
original_levels <- levels(ames$Neighborhood)
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