Data Simulation with fabricatR & dplyr

Hello everbody,

I generated a random dataset that includes 10,000 artifical companies with 70 years of yearly return each. The yearly return is a normal variable with mean 7% and standard deviation 50%. To do this i donwloaded the package fabricatr and I used this command:

multi_level_df <- fabricate(
  year = add_level(N = 70),
  companies = add_level(N = 10000, yearly_return=rnorm(10000,0.07,0.5))

This worked so far. The issue is now that I want to create some company-specific characteristics.

Company-specific growth parameters:
o mean (drawn once at t = 0): µi ~ Uniform(.02, .05)
o std. deviation (drawn once at t = 0): σi ~Uniform(.01, .03)
o growth rate (drawn once at t = 0): λi ~ N(µi, σ^2i)

Does anybody know how I could implement this? I've tried it out for several hours but I am not succeeding.

Thank you very much

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