Data upload timing out on large file

I'm attempting to upload a partially processed S4 object which is ~270MB. The GUI uploader consistently times out before the .RData file is uploaded. Is there a silent limit to the data upload size?

Hi @kohlkopf. Are you getting an error popup similar to the following issue?

If so, this might be a memory problem since is currently limited and the RStudio upload does not stream the files. Until this is fixed on the RStudio Server side (or until the capability of more memory on you may need to use another method to upload the files to cloud. Since the terminal is available, you could use curl or wget to download a file to the session.

Thanks @darby. The error is the same, but it chokes on much smaller files--300MB in my case.

scp ended up being the winning solution! The RStudio terminal is very useful in this environment.