Data viewer isn't auto-refreshing

I have RStudio/2023.12.1+402 installed in Windows 11 Enterprise 23H2

RStudio and I both believe this is the most recent version.

Data viewer is not automatically updating when I make changes to, for example, a data frame. I get exactly the behaviour described in Data viewer isn't auto-refreshing in the new Dec 2023 version · Issue #14082 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub Specifically...

x <- data.frame(a = c(1, 2, 3), b = c(4, 5, 6), c = c("a", "b", "c")) 

View(x) # Correct data displayed

x[1, "a"] <- 11 # Data not updated
x[2, "b"] <- 22 # Data not updated 
x[3, "c"] <- "q" # Data not updated

View(x) # Data correctly refreshed

x <- cars # Data correctly refreshed
x[3, "c"] <- "q" # Data correctly refreshed
x[3, "c"] <- "e" # Data not updated

View(x) # Data correctly refreshed

The GitHub issue says that this has been fixed. Has the corrected version not been made available yet, or am i doing something else wrong?

The fix went in after 402 was released, so unless you want to roll the dice on one of the daily versions I guess you'll have to wait until the next official release. I can confirm the same issue occurs with 402 in the Ubuntu version.

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