Data will not showing in console

Hello Community, I keep getting this error on my console when I try running it. Could someone let me know what the problem could be and how I can go about fixing it?

Error: 'data/StateData.csv' does not exist in current working directory ('C:/Users/burns/AppData/Local/Temp/ Files/code').

and therefore does the following exist on your system ?

C:/Users/burns/AppData/Local/Temp/ Files/code/data/StateData.csv

if not you would either

  1. move the file, or
  2. change the relative path to your file from the point of view of your working directory ( the working directory is of course also something you have the option to alter).

I moved it into the file and I am still getting the error say that it can not find it. I have attached a screenshot.

you havent provided the code you are using to access the file. based on what you shared previously you had data/ as part of the relative path. Have you removed that now that the file is not there ?

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