dbplyr Postgres na percentage count trick

I wanted to use dbplyr to push a compute down to a Postgres database. It will time out if I try to download the table it's a public cloud database, so this is my story.

I wanted to see which date columns were mostly empty. Thus, I wanted to calculate the percentage NA for each column with keywords in the column name.

Note: I am using lazy evaluation with a live database connection.

Googled Stackoverflow Common Solution

 x %>% 


The problem with this is the genereated Postgres sql SELECT SUM(colname is NULL) ... is not a valid operation with the version of Postgres I am using. (v11)

Final Solution

data_tbl %>%
  select(contains("date"), contains("month"), contains("year")) %>%
        is.na(.) ~ 1,
        TRUE ~ 0))) %>%

This generates perfect SQL for my use.

I thought i'd share and save the world some trouble for the next person.


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