dbwritetable unquote problem


I'm running into an issue trying to create a table in a database.

Here is one variation of the code I've tried:


I get a permissions denied error which I understand.

The Error is:
Error: 'CREATE TABLE "MyDB.dbo.Test2" ( "MYVARNAME" varchar(255), "OUTPUT" FLOAT ) '

If I can get the create stament to be 'CREATE TABLE MyDB.dbo.Test2 ( "MYVARNAME....' Where the MyDB.dbo.Test2 does NOT have the quotes "" around it, my query would execute. I've verified this in SQL Server.

I've tried unquote() but got a different error.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

I figured out a way around it. Rather than using the ODBC DSN connection, I used a fully specified connection with the driver that allowed me to connect to an individual DB. My initial question is still interesting but at least that's a workaround for anyone else who find's this.

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