Deduplication of columns (Tidyverse). Anyway to retrieve columns effected?

When columns have the same name, read_delim (part of the tidyverse) will re-name columns. These columns (and what they were renamed to) are display in the console. But, if the number of columns are numerous, the message is truncated.

Is there anyway to retrieve/store the entire message?

I know problems() exist to highlight parsing errors, but this isn't a parsing error and that function doesn't seem to give me any output.

Thank you

Hi CantExitVIM

Do you just want a list of the column names? What about...


names(dataset) # print out column names

my_colnames <- as_tibble(names(dataset)) # or this one, store column names in a separate data set

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You can also get this with the column specifications using spec():

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