Default method for type 'list' not done

Hi all!

I was trying to build the plot and the code shows an error: "Error in is.finite (x): default method for type 'list' not done".

As I understood from the past topics, the problem with the data (it's the table). And I tried to fix it with unlist function, but it didn't help. Also I read, that it can be connected with the version of ggmosaic.

statsbomb %>%
  filter( == "Pressure" & == "France") %>% 
  soccerHeatmap(x = "location.x", y = "location.y", xBins = 6, yBins = 3,
                arrow = "r", 
                title = "France (vs Argentina, 30th June 2016)", 
                subtitle = "Defensive pressure heatmap")

Error in is.finite (x): default method for type 'list' not done

soccerHeatmap - is the package to create soccer field

If it's necessary:
[1] ‘3.3.0’

[1] ‘0.2.2’

Any advise?

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