Delete credentials in blastula

I have developed quite a problem with blastula credentials. I am using gmail and all was working until Google modified their app password policy. This was fine, I read the instructions, set up a new app password, and all was working as before...until today.

My issue is with the package blastula, that facilitates the emailing. I now get the error message:
Error: keyring error (file-based keyring), cannot unlock keyring: The supplied password does not work.

I deleted the old app password in gmail and made a new one and thought I would rewrite the credentials - but same error.

Next I thought I would delete the credentials altogether, I tried both:
both require the keyring password ( so I tried both old and new) to no avail.

Is there some method to delete the credentials without knowing the password that would allow me to start over?

Thank you

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