Deleting Custom Data Sources

Dear Friends,

I am an amateur user recently have started using this software. In order to connect to my SQL server i have created the below data connection but it seems i have made it in a way that it is coming as a master option can any one tell me how to delete it.

Name of The Datasource: OrderMaster

Thanks in advance

I think the new connection pane, when odbc is installed, is listing all DSN existing on the system.
It is why you see your DSN now. I don't know a way to prevent that.

Yes you are on point it is new connection pane and list of DSN. But couldn't found any delete option or remove option. I have tried to remove the data source file from my laptop
Destination Folder: Administration > Documents > My Data Sources
But the result is same

I don't know about any hide option (you could open a feature request in rstudio for that).
However, if you delete the DSN dans restart rstudio it should no more be found by odbc and no more shown.


will tell what is found by R.

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