Demo code to understand advanced features


Hello Friends,

I want to understand quite advanced features of shiny:

  1. How to make Shiny faster
  2. How to make Shiny asynchronous
  3. How to make Shiny scalable

In order to demonstrate, I tried code available in various links such as But when I tried the code, there were only errors even after installing necessary packages and libraries.

Could you please share a demo code to understand these concept.

Thanks and Regards


Those topics are pretty broad, but at the very least some of this is covered in the articles on the site.

(I've trimmed this up just to point a couple out, but you'll see it all at the link.)


Thanks a lot for your time and effort, Mara.
This link has lot of videos necessary to understand the concept.


I am very interesting from profiling shiny to fasten it. I searched for code in both and gitHub account from Winston.

Could you please help me with demo code.


Profvis — Interactive Visualizations for Profiling R Code

I got there through the profiling link on the Shiny page I linked to above.


Thanks Mara,

In the link you provided has only an example of shiny profiling but in the video I mentioned Winston used read.csv() and flight data which I can recreate in my local machine.

Is it possible to see that specific code he demoed in the video.

Thanks in advance