Dependency error when installing RStudio on Ubuntu 22.04 with libssl.

I am trying to install RStudio on Ubuntu 22.04. I currently have R 4.1.2 installed on it.

I use the following command as superuser to install RStudio:

gdebi rstudio-2022.02.1-461-amd64.deb

When I try installing, I get this error message:

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
Reading state information... Done
This package is uninstallable
Dependency is not satisfiable: libssl1.0.0|libssl1.0.2|libssl1.1

I currently have libssl3 installed (3.0.2-ubuntu1). I cannot find any candidates using apt-cache search libssl1.

I've looked up others' attempts on Stackoverflow here, but to no avail: Installing R Studio on Ubuntu 22.04 - Stack Overflow

How do I go about installing Rstudio on Ubuntu 22.04?


Exactly the same issue here I followed the instructions with the version suggested here and nothing. I also tried with anaconda-navigator doesn't even download it. Any help please.

I solved it by following this

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We're working on preparing a version of RStudio that is compatible (out of the box) with Ubuntu 22; if you'd like to try it, you can get it here:


Thank you for this! <3


Thanks for the link. I can move this to a new thread, but I tried the most recent build on Ubuntu 22.04 with R 4.2.0 and the install works fine, but the app crashes every time:

 ~  rstudio                                                               ✔ │ 21:42:36
TTY detected. Printing informational message about logging configuration. Logging configuration loaded from '/etc/xdg/xdg-budgie-desktop:/etc/xdg/rstudio/logging.conf'. Logging to '/home/johncassil/.local/share/rstudio/log/rdesktop.log'.
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.632503:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.632573:ERROR] missing nul-terminator
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.633998:ERROR elf_dynamic_array_reader.h:61] tag not found
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.634127:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.634132:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.634140:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.634147:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.634162:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.634182:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.656260:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.656271:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.656289:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.656305:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.656343:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14554:20220502,214239.656394:ERROR] read out of range
[14554:14555:20220502,214239.658461:ERROR] opendir: No such file or directory (2)
[1]    14548 segmentation fault (core dumped)  rstudio

I had the same problem with the SSL dependencies as the OP and on a fresh and updated install of Ubuntu Mate 22.04. The dailies worked perfectly, thanks for the link!