Deploy an application to RSC that requires proxy usage for a DB connection


when I'm deploying different apps to R Studio Connect they often connect to DBs to pull some data, however, some of our DBs always run behind our company proxy. RSC doesn't know that and those reports work locally on my computer when I have the proxy turned on but they they stop after deploying to RSC because it doesn't know about any proxy reference.

What's the best way of setting this up on RSC?


Do you mind clarifying a little bit about what you mean by "proxy turned on" locally before you publish to Connect? How does the proxy work? Do you set the HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY environment variable to the proxy path? (I've never heard of those used for a database connection before... but it seems possible)

If you can share a bit more about what it takes to enable database connections to take advantage of the proxy through R locally, that should help us determine what needs to be done to enable such a connection on Connect.

Ok, let the solution, which in the end was quite easy, clarify what I needed in the first place: our company id just whitelisted RSC IP for our DBs so that the server side could query them. Is that now somewhat clear?

Yes! That makes perfect sense. RStudio Connect was firewalled from accessing the DB, so that needed to be opened up. I'm super happy to hear you got a solution! Thanks for sharing the detail!

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