Deploy model as a web service


I'm trying to deploy a predictive model as a web-service to be consumed as an API by an external tool.

So, I'm testing RStudio Cloud, but it seems I'm unable to upload the data source file - a csv with around 500 MB. Does anyone know what the size limit is? I'm with the free account.

Thanks in advance!


Any ideas? Anyone?

Up to 1 GB RAM per project

why don't you try uploading a smaller portion of it ? maybe 50mb ?

1GB RAM refers to the memory, right? Not the disk size.
Anyway, with 50 MB I can upload, although I won't have enough capacity even by dividing the big file into multpile little pieces.

RStudio Cloud is meant for interactive use only, it is not suitable for deploying an API since once you close the browser the session stops, the API will not run as a background service.

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OK, interesting...
Thanks for your help!

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