Deploying a graph as a service via Shiny



Hi all,

On our team when we want to produce a website that includes an interactive data visualization we often follow a pattern where our web developer constructs most of the site and I produce a Shiny app that we include within an iframe. Now we are facing a project where there will be a number of these visualizations, which for each I will need to write a separate app that will go into a separate iframe, and I am starting to think there must be a better way.

Is it possible to use a Shiny Server installation to create an app that behaves like a web service? I'm thinking it could receive the inputs through JSON or maybe even directly read HTML input controls and produce an output like a plotly chart in JavaScript that our web developer could insert into a page without having to use an iframe.

I see there are alternatives out there like OpenCPU, but I'm hoping to not have to go to our IT asking them to support yet another infrastructure if Shiny Server can do the job.