Deploying Docker-wrapped applications to RStudio Connect


Would it be possible to deploy Docker containers to RStudio Connect (eg. Dockerhub-backed deployments, similar to the current Git-backed deployment feature)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is such a good question! While not possible today, this is definitely something we are exploring! Our biggest priority is making sure that users continue to have a great user experience with Connect, and adding the complexities of docker / containers is something we want to make sure we strike a good balance between flexibility, rigor, and approachability.

Do you have any additional detail you can share? What type of application / how did you build the docker container / would you use Kubernetes in your ideal case?

Hi @cole,

Great to know that this is in the works! One immediate use case for me would be something like this:

  1. Develop a Shiny app (eg. using golem)
  2. Create a Dockerfile that contains the necessary dependencies for the application, and runs the app
  3. Somehow deploy this Dockerfile to Connect

One of the issues I've experienced in the past is sometimes an application "works" in my development environment, but does not fully work once deployed (eg. missing dependencies), and sometimes it's a little hard to debug what's causing the error in the deployment. The ability to directly deploy a Docker image may help with these types of issues, but perhaps it's overkill :slight_smile:

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