Description of current limitations

Just a quick note that I was initially confused by the following sentence on the rstudiocloud website re: limitations:

"If you are using a Professional shinyapps account, you will not encounter these space limits."

After a couple experiments with adjusting my payment plans and seeing how that impacted my rstudiocloud accounts, I discovered that all paid accounts currently qualify for this exemption, even the $9/mn "Starter" account.

But at first, I assumed that the capital "Professional" in the above sentence referred only to the $299/mn "Professional" shinyapps plan.

Maybe worth clarifying this just to make sure folks aren't unnecessarily turned off to trying out the incredibly wonderful rstudiocloud system by the mistaken impression that doing so at a practical scale currently costs $299/mn?

Thanks for pointing that out Jeremy - you're right that the "Professional" is confusing - we'll fix that in the next release of the Cloud Guide.

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