DESCRIPTION URL trailing slashes

I use GitHub Pages and pkgdown for package docs. I added both and URLs to DESCRIPTION. However, R CMD check gives me the following notes (on some platforms):

Found the following (possibly) invalid URLs:
  URL: (moved to
    Status: 200
    Message: OK

In _pkgdown.yml, I have the URL specified without a slash. That is the only place that I am aware of where it may be adjusted.

Curiously, while I see this alert for the URL, I don't get it for the version. The URL works with and without the trailing slash. I was going to ignore it, but it was specifically mentioned when I submitted to CRAN recently. This is a little irrational, but I really don't want to have one URL with and the other without. I see a lot of other packages without a trailing slash which makes me wonder I can resolve this. Is there a good solution?

This reminded me of where I first read that "GitHub Pages started to redirect URLs".

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It says "GitHub Pages started to redirect URLs of the form to", so it seems like this is a new behavior.

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