Desktop Rstudio does not update along with the newest R version


I have a problem on updating Rstudio on my desktop. It is a school lab desktop.
I have been successfully re-installed R into 3.5.3 version. Also when I checked for updates, R tells me that it is the newest version already.

I've heard that Rstudio would also got updated along with R version, but it does not work in my case. I've been re-installing Rstudio as well but it keep staying on 3.4.3 version. I also tried updateR() from installr package, but it does not work to update my Rstudio.

Same updating process do work on my personal laptops, so I don't know why the lab PC can't works.
Could anyone please tell me what is the potential problem on updating Rstudio?
I really hoping to have the newest Rstudio version ready.


3.5.3 and 3.4.3 are versions of R, and not of RStudio.

To update RStudio, go to the Check for updates option under Help menu.

To register the updated R version with RStudio, you can do it from Tools > Global options... - R version:

Check the screenshot:

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Actually this is going to depend on your OS, the above solution works for windows systems but on linux systems for example RStudio uses the defualt version of R present in your system and if you want to keep both versions installed and choose one you would have to modify your PATH variable.

Thank you! I change the path of the R version, and it works as the newest version now:)

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