Destroy Data & Temp Files

Are temporary files & data destroyed on the server at the end of a user session or do I have to remove these through code? Our app loads data and includes reactive expressions, and we'd like all this info to be removed at session end.

thank you

Hi Michaeldloven,

Sometimes you need to delete temp files from the system because it affects performance but not that much. Try to remove unnecessary comments from code. Try to avoid repeated code to convert it into functions. Don't use uioutput() methods, which take the load while running the shiny app.
If this not works then can you please share details so I can guide you properly.

Best Regards

thanks for the guidance. I'm actually more concerned about security of the data, and it's not clear if my application data (uploaded, reactive, calculated, etc.) stays somewhere on the shiny hosted server (I'm on the paid plan) and if I need to remove it thru code. I would think when a user session ends that temporary and reactive stored data is deleted from the shiny hosted server?

Hi Michaelgloven,
For that you can simply create a button which will triggers cleaning of the environment where you store all data. Not sure though if its possible to trigger it as the shiny process is terminated.

rm(list = ls(envir = .GlobalEnv), envir = .GlobalEnv)

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