Dev version of pkgdown not rendering correctly with github actions

Howdy! I'm trying to set up GitHub Actions to build a pkgdown site for my package. I used this template and everything was working well. But, then I wanted to try to use the dev version of pkgdown because I love the new template. I am able to get actions to build the site with the dev version of pkgdown, but it seems like the references to the deps/ directory which contains bootstrap, jquery, etc. are incorrect and so the site is displayed with pretty much no formatting (see here).

When I examine the HTML generated by pkgdown, the links to the dependencies begin private/deps/..., but there is no private/ directory on the branch with the pkgdown site.

Additionally, when I build the site locally (i.e not using GH actions), it builds correctly and contains links to the correct folder with the dependencies.

I'm very much a GH actions beginner, so I'm not sure if it's something in the configuration there or a pkgdown issue.

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Got this fixed by changing my actions workflow to prior the one linked here: Dev version not rendering correctly with GitHub Actions · Issue #1748 · r-lib/pkgdown · GitHub

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