devtools - unknown macro '\item' on @inheritDotParams

When I try to use
@inheritDotParams glue::glue_data
and I devtools::check(pkg) throws a warning about unknown macro \item. I think it's a problem with either how devtools::document() builds it or how tools::parse_Rd()and pkgdown::build_reference() parse it.

I looks to be an issue in this section re: .open and .close.

It looks like this for me (my Rd file)

And this for glue (their Rd file)

Any help would be appreciated.

# create tmp package
tmp <- tempdir()
pkg <- file.path(tmp, "test")
devtools::create(path = pkg)

# add R code
  con = file.path(pkg, "R/test.R"),
  text = 
    "#' does some stuff
    #' @inheritDotParams glue::glue_data
    foo <- function(...) glue_data(...)"

# document is ok

# warning: prepare_Rd: ./man/foo.Rd:20: unknown macro '\item'

# also throws warning
# In tools::parse_Rd(path, macros = macros, encoding = "UTF-8") :
#   C:/Users/jake/AppData/Local/Temp/RtmpYxG5C2/test/man/foo.Rd:20: unknown macro '\item'

# remove temp directory
unlink(tmp, recursive = TRUE)

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