DIANE using in my shiny app

I'm trying to deploy the DIANE “GRN tool” into my app so I can use it but I can’t, any ideas?

In general you cant as a rule take an app and frictionlessly embed it in your own; you could potentially do work to modify the original applications code to operate as a module and then instantiate it within your new app; its hard to scope the size of this task, and I'm not familiar with the app you mention. If you never made a shiny module, you could read the shiny book at https://mastering-shiny.org/ for teachable examples. Maybe port a trivial full app to a module within a new app, for yourself as an excercise, and if you succeed it might build your confidence to doing the intended task. good luck.

Hi, I'm not really sure from reading your post what you're trying to do. Could you tell us a bit more what you're trying to do, and what steps you've taken already, and any relevant error messages and info?

Are you just trying to deploy the DIANE app so you can use the GRN capabilities? Or have you cloned the DIANE git repository and taken the GRN code parts of the DIANE shiny app and inserted them in a separate app you created, that you want to deploy? Also, are you trying to run/deploy locally on your computer, or are you trying to deploy it online?

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