Different appearance after build a book

I'm testing bookdown package with demo file got from bookdwon-demo

I'm using RStudio cloud and when I click the 'Build Book' button in RStudio, new window appeared as below.

But when I open index.html file in _book folder, it looks quite different as below.


What part should I check in this case?

The file you're opening does not have any CSS applied to it. The index.html gives you the structure of your book, but there are additional files that add styling and interactivity (usually CSS and Javascript).

You can see what this webpage looks like as raw HTML (no CSS/JS) below.


I realized that when I deploy those book example using netlify, it looks as I wanted.
I don't know much about CSS and how it works behind rmarkdown, but anyway there is no problem at this time.
Thank you.

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