Difficulties in using R to run analyses

I wish to sincerely appeal for assistance on R. I am new to R and finds some difficulties in running the data.
As a beginner, I wanted to use some examples on R for pracrice. So I choose AirPassenger already built in R.
Check the following:

data("AirPassenger ")
The result is the data I retyped and saved in excel via .CSV comma delimited.
I used this code to import into R.
Billgate <- read.csv(file.choose (), header = T, sep = ",", row.names = 1)
kd<- ts(Billgate, start =c(1946), end=(1960), frequency = 1)

the following won't run as shown in the example.

summary (kd)
plot (kd)

I even installed

library (forecast)
Please I need help


What are the error messages that you are getting?
To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

Thank you. I am working with AirPassenger.
The error message:
Error in plotts(x=x, y=y, plot.type=plot.type, xy.labels=xy.labels, : cannot plot more than 10 series as "multiple".

AirPassengers is already a time series. See this link



#> [1] "ts"

Created on 2019-06-25 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

Thanks. I am very much away that AirPassengers is in time series (ts). But I said as a beginner, I decided to type data fresh in excel and save as .CSV then import into R with different name. Then first, I put it as ts and proceed but it never run as yours. So I need the syntax from saving in excel and importing into R, then ts and so on. Thank you Sir for your time.

You can do something like this:

# checking current contents of the working directory
list.files(path = getwd())
#> [1] "reprex_reprex.R"        "reprex_reprex.spin.R"  
#> [3] "reprex_reprex.spin.Rmd"

# creating a CSV file containg the AirPassengers dataset
# it will be saved as a single column
  x = AirPassengers,
  file = "air_passengers_dataset.csv",
  row.names = FALSE # the indices for the observations are unnecessary

# checking updated contents of the working directory
# the file is indeed created
list.files(path = getwd())
#> [1] "air_passengers_dataset.csv" "reprex_reprex.R"           
#> [3] "reprex_reprex.spin.R"       "reprex_reprex.spin.Rmd"

# reading the dataset from the CSV file to R
dataset <- read.csv(file = "air_passengers_dataset.csv")

# converting it to time series
dataset_as_time_series <- ts(
  data = dataset, # data to be converted to time series
  start = c(1949, 1), # 1st month of 1949
  end = c(1960, 12), # 12th month of 1960
  frequency = 12 # 12 observations per year

# plotting the time series
plot(x = dataset_as_time_series)

Hope this helps.

Yes it actually helped. I was able run it but still face the challenge when I used another data "Recife" that was not included in R like "AirPassenger" . I followed the steps as directed but all to no avail. See my entries

  1. list.files (getwd())
  2. "Recife.csv" # data to be added
  3. write.csv(x=Recife, file = "Recife.csv", row.names = FALSE)
  4. dataset6<-read.csv(file = " Recife")
  5. dataset6_as_time_series<- ts(data = dataset6, start = c(1953, 1), end = c(1961, 12), frequency = 12)
  6. plot(dataset6_as_time_series)
    The outcome is
  7. Error in plots(x = x, y=y, plot.type=plot.type, xy.labels = xy.labels, : cannot plot more than 10 series as "multiple"
    What do I do please. Thanks

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