Disable menuSubItem reactivity

Dear Colleagues.
I made an app using the layout from the Shinydashboard package. I created the menu with menuItem and menuSubItem options. I inserted an ActioButton because I would like the app to execute the options only after selecting the options from the menu and clicking the button. I placed an ObserveEvent on the Server, however, it still executes when clicking on the SubItem menu option. How do I inhibit this menuSubItem reactivity???

actionButton's are just normal buttons. The behaviour you describe reminds me of shiny::submitButton() though I haven't tested it in the context of menuItems/subs

I tried with submitButton but it didn't work. I put the ActionButton. He does his job. By clicking on it, it redoes the task. But first I have to select the parameters. As soon as I click on nemuSubItem, it does the job leaving the button useless.

Please provide us with a reprex.

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