Disable Quarto background job that monitors for changes

Is there an option to exit the background job that renders a Quarto document after it's finished? For example, if I render a PDF document, I want the job to be closed when it's finished and open it in my PDF viewer. As it currently stands, the PDF opens the first render, and on the later ones, it doesn't reopen in my viewer. It's only in my browser, so if I close the tab and click Render again, nothing will pop up. (I know the PDF gets updated correctly, no issue there).
My main issue is that this is non-intuitive for a lot of users - I'm teaching Quarto to a colleague and it's hard to remember that they should not close the tab. Or click on the .pdf in the RStudio Files tab - because, they didn't have to do it the first time, why should they do it the second? Or to go to Background Jobs (which is a tab they normally never need to use) and stop the process (What process? I thought the file was done...)

Basically, the constant monitoring of source files seems unusual for a default option. I know this has led to confusion for other uses too, for example check this question that assumed RStudio or Quarto was bugged because of such behavior.

Thanks for the time, and the lovely usecases Quarto fills.

I don't think this can be opt out today so that clicking render runs quarto render and not quarto preview

For now you would need to run it in terminal.

Could look at RStudio IDE repo (GitHub - rstudio/rstudio: RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R) and open a feature request if not one already ?

It seems like issue behavior in the IDE :thinking:

I'll see if I can reproduce. You could also open an issue for RStudio IDE

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