Disable scrolling on filenames ('tabs') above source editor - which file should I edit?

I love using web app version of RStudio via rocker/rstudio project images.
Just one thing annoys me from time to time.

I'm using a logitech mouse on MacOS 13 for Chrome v114.

The driver for this mouse seems to "leak" scrolling effect only slightly while moving the mouse quickly.
The effect is hardly visible, as it only scrolls whatever behind the cursor by a few pixels at most.

However, when the cursor happens to be over the filename tabs that are placed above source code, it flicks through all the files that are open at the time at speed - like 5 files a second - when it happens it almost tricks my eyes.

is there a way to disable sensing of scroll mouse completely, for this part of UI?
is there a conf file, or maybe I need to edit the source code?

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