Disconnected Lost File


I was working on an unsaved file when R studio cloud crashed with an 400 error code.

The file was unfortunately unsaved and when the projected reloaded it was gone. Is there anyway to access the history?

Thank you


We're working on fixing the issues surrounding making sure unsaved files are preserved even in the event an R session crash. In the meantime, there is an R package which might be able to recover these files for you: https://github.com/jmcphers/rsrecovr



to restore all the files in your project.

Please let me know if this works for you. And I apologize for the inconvenience.


Hello, if you do not have any backup, the best way is to apply a recovery too. I personally recommend Bitwar Data Recovery which is free and effective.
There are also many choices, you can also choose one you prefer. Hope it can help you.
Have a nice day.

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You can't apply this kind of tools on a cloud service