Disconnection upon opening a project in a shared workspace

We are using a shared workspace in RStudio Cloud to teach a class. Yesterday, when we had everyone open a project, the two admin users (myself and my colleague) received persistent messages that we had been disconnected from the cloud, and then the project would refresh. Our students (with "contributor" roles) were able to access the project without issue; they did not receive any errors. Any idea as to what the problem might have been and a possible solution?

For what it's worth, I am currently in the workspace and project (no one else is logged on, to my knowledge) and am not receiving the error anymore.

Hi there,

So if I understand correctly, you have two users (admins) that are trying to open the same project at the same time and receiving an error. However, any number of students (contributors) can open the project without issue.

If my understanding is correct, this problem occurs because an admin has permission to modify all projects in the space. Therefore the act of opening a project means editing the original copy of the said project (called the source project). However, when a student (contribuitor) opens the project, they do not have permission to edit the original project, so a copy is created automatically for them, resulting in each student having their own copy of the source project.

The problem arises when two admins/moderators attempt to edit the same source project. The ability for two users to edit the source project at the same time is called collaboartive editing, and it is not supported at this time. The result is one of the admins will be booted out of the project when the other attempts to edit it.

That makes a lot of sense - I hadn't thought about it from an editing perspective. I'll change one of our statuses to contributor during class sessions and that should solve the issue, then. Thanks so much!

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