Discovered a hidden keybinding: Ctrl+Alt+K

Trying to show keybindings help I may have discovered a "hidden" key combo that made my jaw dropped to the floor.

I assume that the behaviour is: Taking the same character where the cursor is in the code block, places a new cursor in all the appearances of the same character in ALL the document.

I have been searching inside Rstudio keybindings customisation but is not there. Googled a bit and isn't there.

anyone is aware of this?


Wow, that is awesome!!!!

That feature is used to e.g. edit all instances of a variable name within a script.

My approach was to paste into a word processor, run a global replace, and then paste back into R. This is much simpler.

You can run a global replace within RStudio. Using a word processor for this is totally unnecessary.

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