Discussion: Is Client Data Visible When RShiny Calls R File on Server

I have an RShiny app that runs on the client's pc. The user enters parameters to pass to an R function in an R file on a server. The function performs calculations to return to the RShiny app. One of the parameters passed to the function is an ODBC connection to the client's data. Is the data visible/accessible while performing the calculations?

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Just to clarify, there are 2 shiny applications? One on the client side and one on a server. And they communicate? Because that seems unnecessary. Or is there a a server that users interact with through the webpage?

In any case could you give some example code?

The RShiny app is on the client's pc. The R file will be on an API server instead of a source file in an RShiny app so the code isn't accessible by the client.

Why not avoid this, set up the specific API that your client will call to know where the clients ODBC is. maybe just a look up table on some other client identifier.

The API is intended to be called by multiple clients to perform the same calculation. I don't want to store client data i.e. ODBC info on the server that the API is on. The ODBC name is one of the parameters used in the API function call. The function needs the ODBC name to access the client data. Hypothetically if the functions gets client data to calculate revenue, the data is on the client side, the function API call is on the server, would the client data be visible to anyone else but the client in performing the calculation.

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