Discussion vs. Q&A

Is RStudio Community restricted to pure Q&A, like Stack Overflow, for example? Or are open-ended questions allowed?

The mark a solution feature makes me think Q&A is more desirable, but is discussion explicitly forbidden or discouraged?


I can remember plenty of discussions in the past, but these do seem to have become quite rare lately. Personally I find these more enlightening.

The 'mark a solution' feature is part of the forum software, so I wouldn't take that as a guide.

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I agree. I like asking/reading best practices questions. Even if there isn't a clear answer its nice to see how others tackle a problem.

I realize now that the forum is based on discourse.org, which is at its core designed for discussion. Seems like open-ended questions may be fine!

I think this could fall into the "non-programming-problem-discussions" guideline.


I enjoy reading these posts too. Perhaps it's a drawback of the discourse platform or maybe the nature of programming forums in general.

Personally, I wish there was a site that was a mix between dev.to and community.rstudio. Dev.to is great. There's a small R group over there, but it isn't really active.

I agree that the discussion topics are valuable. I'd like to see a tag to highlight these, maybe General Data Science?

Curious if you have any ideas to help make discussions a bigger part of RStudio Community?

Discourse seems to steer people towards the types of threads that are already common. Since we get so many Q&As, we appear to only be a Q&A forum. That, and longer discussions quickly get buried.

I'd love to consider ways for longer-form, more abstract discussions to also do well here.

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A type of question that is common goes not so much to how to use an RStudio product, a tidyverse package or another common package, but to the basic question *how should this type of analysis be approached?"

One example:

There was another I can't find on asking for general advice on choice of methods in analysis of a biostatistics or ecology domain type of problem

Maybe a "discussions" sub category under #general to include a category description that makes clear that open questions without specific answers are welcome?

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I marked the above mention of your FAQ post on Tips for Introducing Non-Programming-Problem Discussions as a solution in this thread.

Specifically, I think the #best-practices and #recommendations tags are the best solution denoting discussions.

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