Distill and echo=TRUE


I have been using the Distill article template and have run into some funny issues related to producing side-by-side figures. When I have echo=FALSE set (either in the individual code chunk or at the global level in the default template setup chunk) the figures will display next to each other. If I set echo=TRUE they will not. Here is a reprex for you:

title: "Example"
output: distill::distill_article

    ```{r setup, include=FALSE}
    knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = FALSE)

Here is a try for a side-by-side plot.

   ```{r out.width='45%'}
    plot(speed ~ dist, data =cars)

Any workarounds? Or do I have to have two code chunks: one to display the syntax and another to produce side-by-side figures.

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