Distill and postcards: how to remove white space above navbar?

My personal distill website with a postcards homepage has a white space above the navbar that won't go away. Tinkering with the CSS theme or index.rmd does not affect the white space. Since it only impacts index.html, I'm assuming it has something to do with postcards.

The white space only appears when I push the built website to Github -- index.html looks fine when I view it locally. I don't know what code to include here since I don't know which part of distill/postcards is contributing to the white space.

White space example page: https://jrcalabrese.github.io/
No white space example page: https://jrcalabrese.github.io/archive.html
Entire Github repo: https://github.com/jrcalabrese/jrcalabrese.github.io

Image of no whitespace
Image of whitespace

Fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling distill and postcards and adding this line to theme.css :

body { margin:0; padding: 0; }
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