Do derived projects count toward the limit for RStudio Cloud?

I am using RStudio Cloud for a course in biostatistics. I made a student account to see what students see, and it appears that derived projects (when a student makes a permanent copy of mine, or when they open an assignment and it defaults make their own copy) are counted toward the limit of the total number of projects on the workspace. Is this behavior normal?

I just requested more project allowance, but grossly underestimated the number of projects I would need for this case. Could someone help clarify how derived projects are treated so that I can request the proper number of additional projects I might need? We have 9 assignments plus their own projects plus the code associated with each of 20 lectures. Multiply that by the number of students, and this number is going to be huge with even a class as small as 25.

I'm open to other ways to organize the project structure within the course for those who have used it for teaching. One thought was one project for code I cover in lecture, another for code in problem sets and a third for their projects. That would still be 75 derived projects but a more manageable number.

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