Do you know of a beginner's resource that you can follow to the latest updates in the tidyverse?

Introductory documentation for the tidyverse that I can recommend to beginners.

I'd like to follow the basic use of the tidyverse, data pre-processing, and even the latest features.
Do you have a website that keeps getting updated?

I've learned R4DS all over the place and some of the functions have already been updated.
I plan to use the official function documentation for learning as well.

(There was little information on ggplot this way.)

I try to read tidytuesday and the julia blog, but I find it difficult to demand the same level of skill from a beginner.
Do you know of any sites that I can recommend to my friends who are new to R?

thank you

I recommend the R for data science book as a starting point and primary reference to learn the tidyverse. It is beginner-friendly and helps you establish good habits working with data in R. It has also been updated to include new features over the years, but may not be very timely if you really need to keep up with the lastest version.

The tidyverse blog is a great place to learn about new updates on packages, this is where tidyverse developers announce important updates. After reading this guidance the official documentation may become more approachable.

Once you are familiar with the basic usage, you may want to keep an eye on the package repository on github for ongoing developments and experimental features. For example, the news file of the dplyr package lists some of the ongoing work.

The R for data science book gives a gental introduction on ggplot2 with emphasis on exploratory data analysis. And there are many good books and sites dedicated to using ggplot2 for general data visualization, one of my favourite is Data Visualization by Kieran Healy. And if you are looking for the underlying principles, more technical part of the package, Hadley's book is definitely the way to go!


[Data Visualization A practical introduction.] is a book that I was on the fence about buying.
It's a great attempt because the author has made the book available to the public so I can try it out and decide to buy it.
Thanks to the author for making it available on the web.
Thanks also to you for telling me about the web site.

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