Do you need to bake testing data prior to predicting tidymodels/stacks?

I am using a tidymodels workflow with a custom recipe to tune multiple models. These models are then fed into tidymodels/stacks for blending and fitting. For example:

  # Create the base stacked model
  stacked_models <- 
    stacks() %>%
  # Blend all of the model components
  blended_stack <-
    stacked_models %>%
      control = tune::control_grid(allow_par = TRUE))
  # Produce the Final Stacked Model
  fit_stacked_model <-
    blended_stack %>%

When predicting on the fit_stacked_model object, does the testing data need to be prep() and bake() prior to predicting, or does stacks account for that in the backend?

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