Docs on how to best create a custom `pkgdown` template?

I am working on creating a custom pkgdown template for an organization.

I know of these two custom templates examples

I could not find, however, documentation on how to start from scratch. Does such material exist? In the meantime, I'll just draw inspiration from the two templates mentioned above. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There isn't anything I know of, but, since they're built on top of bootstrap, I would think bootstrap theming guides would be a good place to start.

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Another aspect I think would need some docs is how to best simplify theme adoption within an organization/a company via maybe some custom usethis recipe :thinking: (use_pkgdown() doesn't have a template argument).

For future reference here's the template I've been working on

Sounds like a good feature request or PR! :smile:

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I've opened an issue, we shall see :wink:

Last question hidden in this thread I promise :pray: , I've seen the "basics of styling pkgdown" in <- these things aren't documented in pkgdown itself yet, right? E.g. having a pkgdown/extra.css file.

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Not to my knowledge. I think it's just the material that's up on the pkgdown site right now:

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Dear all:

I would like to share another pkgdown template I have created specifically for the rOpenSpain project.

I have used some of the hacks included in the rOpenSciLabs template, many thanks for that.

I hope it can be of any help in case someone is revisiting this thread looking for advice on how to create a template, like in my case.