Documentation/articles on setting up RSP with SLURM/LSF

Can someone help me locate articles/documentation around implementing RSP on HPC (SLURM/LSF).
Another question I have is does it make more sense for Job Launcher to become generally available before exploring RSP on SLURM/LSF or we could still use SLURM without job launcher?

Thank you in advance.

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Installing RStudio Server Pro on an HPC cluster will be a similar process as installing to a regular server:

You can start with a single machine, and optionally add additional servers in a load-balanced setup if needed:

You can also find some general advice on scaling and clusters at:, as well as some general advice online about using R with Slurm, but most of that content is around running R jobs on SLURM as opposed to interactive R sessions on Slurm via RSP.

One thing to be aware of is that sessions and jobs that are run via RSP are not aware of the workloads that are occurring on the node via Slurm/LSF, so you can set resource limits to help with resource contention.

You should also be aware of the upcoming Launcher functionality in RSP 1.2 (, which will allow you to run R sessions and jobs on Kubernetes for the initial release, and support for Slurm will be coming in a future release. This will allow you to install RSP outside of the Kubernetes or Slurm cluster, but spawn R sessions and run R jobs via those schedulers / resource managers.

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