Documentation of all RStudio theme tags

Many of us have wanted to edit themes and have struggled due to the rather complex/unintuitive setup, e.g. Change selected word highlight color in source?.
Nonetheless, help is out there (e.g.), however this still relies on one knowing what each style tag DOES. Some are more obvious than others, and also some themes don't list all the tags that are in effect - possibly some are switched off if not present (.ace_marker-layer .ace_selected-word in Chaos theme) whereas others seem to default to a value even if their style tags are not included (possibly - I'm trying to change the highlight colour in the data viewer to a less subtle grey but can't find what the tag would be).

Please could someone on the RStudio team responsible for this system kindly document all of the tags in an official location so folks have an easier time editing them?
Additionally if themes exclude certain tags, could those tags instead be included but (e.g.) commented out, or have values set to NULL? Again this would make editing easier.

Thanks in advance.

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