Documenting the R Version Names


This isn't so much a request for help, but just more of a thought mixed with a beg:

As far as I can find, this SO answer is the best documentation of all the version names that R has had since v2.14. I'm concerned that this isn't very stable solution as no one is really curating it, and I do think there should be a better way of documenting this.

There was also this blog post which had the really cool idea of adding the actual Peanuts comics being referenced, but it hasn't been updated in a few years.

Does anyone have an idea on how as a community we can do a better job preserving R's version naming?

I dont see the utility in a nickname/phrase for a version.
If I have reasons to discuss versions with anyone, its usually relevant which version of any two is more recent etc. which is trivially identified by well, the version number.

Have nicknames for R versions proven useful to you in the past ?

No, I don't rely on the names in any kind of way. I just find them to be an endearing part of R's quirkiness, and I think it's important to commemorate and catalogue the version names for historical purposes. But maybe I'm alone in feeling that way.


it is harmless nerd fun isnt it ?
perhaps the unnofficial and ephemeral nature of it, is part of its charm...

Huh, thanks to @sharlagelfand I learned about the rversions package, that does this documentation!


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