Does teaching need it's own top-level category?



There are lot of great discussions currently tagged teaching ( Should we make it a category instead of a tag?


I think it definitely should be its own category. This would be an opportunity to create a much need space for approaches to teaching R that doesn't really exist anywhere else.


I think it's a good idea, since the categories somewhat define "what's okay to talk about" (regardless of intent). I can see someone wanting to ask a non-tidyverse teaching question feeling that they shouldn't post here -- "uncategorized" feels dirty, somehow.

If it's added, it might be worth a small update to the pinned tidyverse category post pointing out that threads aimed primarily at teaching the tidyverse should go in the teaching category.


Yes. As someone teaching R4DS this semester, I have found the discussions helpful and it would be nice to have them grouped together.


I came here specifically for teaching topics, it would be great if it was its own category.


There's a new Teaching category here:

@Hadley suggested the Hex. Finally a good use for comic sans.

I second @nick.


:scream_cat: To be clear I DID NOT and WILL NEVER advocate the user of comic sans :scream_cat:


I think a chalk font, e.g. , would have been a better choice. :grin:


I've hijacked some of the posts tagged "teaching" and moved them to the new category to give new posters some context. I tried to focus on discussion that were more broadly about the classroom experience rather than specific coding issues that came up during a class. That said, my choices were pretty arbitrary; if I didn't move your post in and you think it should be, feel free to do so.


Thanks for the suggestion @danr!


Your welcome... anytime I can help